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Cultural Criticism

For centuries now a great deal of music has been dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and for obvious reasons. From medieval times to our era, maestros have composed and go on composing countless liturgical compositions (motets, masses, antiphonies…). How many of our Holy Communions and other votive offerings do...
La Llorona (or The Weeping Woman) is one of those both terrible and fascinating characters which make us like horror films, the apparition of the mother who drowned her children and now searches for them everywhere, making people shudder with her disembodied sobbing and lamenting.  In his film La Llorona...
How breath-taking it would be to give the infant Jesus a kiss! He who came to save us would doubtless have been a captivating little creature, as all little ones are. No doubt his parents could bestow many kisses upon him and the infant would have appreciated them too:...