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José Laguna

Father, theologian and musician. Member of the Theological Area of Christianity and Justice. He has written several Booklets in this collection: “Vulnerable Bodies. Caring as a Political Horizon” (2020), “Seeking Sanctuary: The Political Construction Of Habitable Places” (2019), “Steeping on the Moon. Eschatology and Politics” (2016), “Evangelical dystopias” (2013), “ Taking stock of reality, taking responsability for reality, and taking charge of reality”(2011) and “And if God were not perfect?”(2000).

Luna and Abdou: The scandal of a Samaritan embrace

Where many of us saw a Samaritan embrace that indicated the unavoidable reality of human brotherhood, others saw the apocalyptic threat of an action that should have been censured. The embrace of Luna and...

Fraternity or fratricide: That is the Question. An Urgent Reading of “Fratelli tutti”

That a pope should speak about fraternity is nothing new. Architects talk about buildings, mechanics talk about motors, dentists about endodontics and the popes about fraternity, charities, sacraments and all the other similar topics....

Planet “Caring”

If an extraterrestrial were to appear today on Earth, it would inform its alien confreres of the existence of a strange race of beings who are obsessed about caring for its most fragile members....