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Victor Codina

Jesuit. Studied Philosophy and Theology in Sant Cugat, Innsbruck and Rome. Doctor in Theology from Rome (1965), professor of Theology in Sant Cugat while he was living in Hospitalet and Terrassa. Since 1982 he lived in Bolivia where he worked with poorer people and in the training of laypeople in Oruro and Santa Cruz. Emeritus Professor of the Bolivian Catholic University of Cochabamba, alternating this with pastoral work in poor neighbourhoods. He has written several books and articles. In 2018 he returned to Barcelona where he is currently living.

The Eighth Sacrament

In 1984, the mystic bishop, prophet and poet, Pere Casaldáliga, in the context of his Amazonian diocese of Sao Felix de Araguaia which had been embroiled in conflict, wrote: “The Spirit / has decided...

Chaos or Wind

Víctor Codina. If we were to search for a wore that might sum up all that we are living in these months of pandemic, something unforeseen that has shaken by their roots life, wellness,...

But Where Has Grandma Gone?

Víctor Codina. A little while ago, I read an article by a psychologist in a newspaper who, in the context of the current pandemic, recommended that we should not hide the reality of death from...

Closed doors, open doors

After a few months of the pandemic in which the news has been exclusively focussed on matters of health, now at the start of a timid but progressive easing of the lockdown, the main...

Where is God?

Víctor Codina. Fortunately, along with the terrifying and almost unhealthy television news programs about the pandemic, there have appeared alternative voices that are more positive and filled with hope. Some people turn to history to...

This Year, Jesus is Born in the Amazonian Regions

Víctor Codina. Pope Francis wrote a brief, simple but profound Apostolic Letter (Admirabile signum) on the Nativity scene, and signed it in Greccio, where St. Francis of Assisi set up the first Nativity scene. Just as cribs...