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Born in the state of Pennsylvania, USA, he has been a Jesuit for 53 years. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1978. He has a bachelor’s degree in Languages and a Master’s in Spanish Literature. In 1984 he obtained a Doctorate in Law, and for the following 35 years he was a practicing lawyer in various immigrant communities. He studied in the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, he has lived in Salamanca and loves Barcelona. He also speaks Italian and a little Russian.

The Lesson of the Cicadas

This year, in the part of the United States where I live, we have had an invasion of cicadas. Billions have appeared suddenly as if they had been born out of nothing. Every 17...

Anti-vaxxers, or how the vaccine has divided the United States

In the last year, the United States has experienced more cases of COVID-19, including deaths, than any other country. Although almost half of the population has received the vaccine and the country has enough...

The Problem with Being the “Chosen One”

David Brooks. It is a not very well-known fact that in the first years after the Israelites arrived in the “promised land”, their government was in the hands of a few men who were called...

The pandemic of racism in the United States

David Brooks. Observing from outside what we are now suffering in the United States -the protests, the destruction of statues and monuments, the violence against the police and above all the chaos of the coronavirus...