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Juan Pablo Espinosa Arce

From Chile. Layperson. Professor of Religion and Philosophy. Masters in Fundamental Theology. Qualified in teaching at University level. Associate Academic Instructor in the Faculty of Theology of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and Academic in the Alberto Hurtado University (belonging to the Society of Jesus). He has lectured in Fundamental Theology, Theological Anthropology and an Introduction to the study of the Bible. His areas of interest, research and educational work are: Theological Anthropology, the place of the mystical in human life and the theology of the Resurrection.

Hafiz of Persia and Mysticism as Drunkenness

Hafiz as a mystical and poetic figure In this essay I would like to offer my own reading of the mystical poetry of the Persian-Iranian poet of the 14th century, Hafiz. This reading...

A Little Theology In the Midst of / About Times of Uncertainty

Juan Pablo Espinosa Arce.These are times in which the meaning of I don’t know has taken on a new depth. We are in a time of uncertainty. In the midst of this uncertainty, we have lived,...