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PhD in Sociology, professor at Comillas Pontifical University - where he directs the University Institute of the Family - and Research Professor at Boston College. He founded and was the first president of the Global Social Sciences Network of IFCU. He is president of the RAIS Foundation, trustee of the BoscoSocial Foundation and trustee of the FOESSA Foundation, of whose reports he is one of the coordinators. He is a member of CLC and is a member of its World Executive Council.

Golden Scholars, the University Oscars

Every year the Golden Scholars of the American Academy of Universities and Colleges (AAUC) give Oscar-like awards for outstanding achievements of the nation’s universities. To qualify for the awards, the universities must either be...

Mental health becomes the major concern of families

At its regular annual meeting in January, the World Economic Forum announced that the world is suffering a “polycrisis” in which various catastrophic situations converge. The report mentions economic slowdown, political polarization, cybercrime, war,...