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Doctor in Philosophy (University of Murcia) and Theology (St. Vincent Ferrer Faculty of Theology in Valencia). Professor of Theology in the Institute of Theology in Murcia OFM. Since 2010 he has been coordinating the Master’s course in Theology (online) in the University of Murcia and leading the line of research in Theology in the Doctorate degree in Arts and Humanities at the same University. He is working on two areas of research: one on the relationship between Christianity and postmodern society, and the other on the historical Jesus and early Christianity. He runs the magazine of the Institute of Theology in Murcia, Carthaginensia. His latest book is: La revolución de Jesús. El proyecto del Reino de Dios (tr. The revolution of Jesus. The plan of God’s Kingdom). (PPC, Madrid, 2018).

Can we prevent World War III?

All empires have used the same trite formula when speaking of their exercise of power and their oppression of other peoples: they have called it “peace.” Thus it was with the Roman Empire, as...

Blessed be the Wretched!

And he came down with them, and stood in the plain, and the company of his disciples, and a great multitude of people out of all Judaea and Jerusalem, and from the sea coast...

Spain: A Failed State?

It has to be acknowledged that never in Spain have ever we had a strong State, capable of serving the interests of the common good or the interests of all the people. Always, ever...

Those who live in palaces

Bernardo Pérez Andreo. Jesus of Nazareth was killed by the Roman procurator, with an inscription which determined the reason for his condemnation: «Jesus of Nazareth, king of the Jews». With this inscription, it was evident...

The blood of the innocent

Bernardo Pérez Andreo. Blood is a symbol of life in every culture, since it is the life-giving liquid that runs through our bodies, and without which the existence of most living beings on our...