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Sandra Racionero-Plaza

Associate Professor in UB. Double PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Carries out scientific investigation in the field of social neuroscience with the aim of overcoming violence in human relationships. She is a member of the Jordan project (UNIJES) focused on abuse in the Church, and is coordinating a project on the prevention of violence against women in 6 Fe y Alegría schools in Nicaragua.

Simone Weil vs Simone de Beauvoir: Revising referents to be coherent

What examples of women who have been a reference in society for their values and actions do we give to girls and boys? It is common to see Simone de Beauvoir used as a...

Protecting Those Who Support Victims: Global Progress In Overcoming Sexual Abuse Of Girls And...

Chapter IV, number 38, of the Autobiography of St. Ignatius of Loyola recounts his arrival in Gaeta from Barcelona in 1523. He was joined by a mother and daughter, who were also beggars. At...