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Licenciada en Pedagogía, Filosofía y Ciencias religiosas, postgrado de Acompañamiento Espiritual. Miembro del seminario y del consejo de EIDES y dedicada a la espiritualidad de los Ejercicios Espirituales y acompañamientos personales y de grupos.

Do we decide?

New Zealand’s Government has proposed a plan to prevent smoking for future generations. The new legislation will come into force as in 2023, when everybody born from 2008 onwards will be banned from buying...

The new

Creativity is today's magic word. It is contemporary politicians’ talisman when facing social quandaries, it is included in the curricula of the top universities and is crucial in job interviews. Its omnipresence in the...

«Do not weep»

The French philosopher and psychoanalyst Cynthia Fleury published Le soin est un humanisme (Gallimard) in May 2019. There she stated «when a civilisation is not devoted to caring for others, it is nothing», and...