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Josep M. Margenat Peralta

Jesuit since 1990 and priest since 1996. He is Associate Professor at a secondary school, a university lecturer, and both a researcher and teacher of Political Theology, Social Ethics, History of Political Philosophy and Church History in the Loyola Andalucía University and other centres. He has written for El País and the Revista de Fomento Social (director from 2008 to 2018) and is a regular contributor to El Ciervo, Razón y Fe and Religión y Escuela, as well as writing blogs. He has published books on the construction of passive consensus in Spain (1934-1937), Christians from dictatorship to democracy (1939-1975) and Ignatian pedagogy (translated to French and Portuguese). Member of Cristianisme i Justícia, EIDES and the International Centre of Ignatian Spirituality of Manresa, he works with the Institute of Fundamental Theology and the University Institute of Mental Health. He has lived in Manresa (Barcelona) since 2020.

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