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Elías González Gómez

Philosopher and writer. His field of interest is the relationship between mysticism and social struggles. He collaborates in different social groups, interreligious dialogue, spirituality and universities. He is a member of the Religions and Peace Group of Cristianisme i Justícia and the Center for the Study of Religion and Society (CERyS) of the University of Guadalajara, as well as the Academy of Transcendence and Society of ITESO. He is also a collaborator of the Universidad de la Tierra Oaxaca, spiritual companion and Zen beginner.

Getting to know the spiritual journey blogger

The practice of making a religious pilgrimage or traveling to some place for spiritual purposes is not a recent phenomenon, nor is it particular to any historical era. But modern “tourism” is something else...

The confusion between the ego and the individual in contemporary spirituality

It commonly happens that current approaches to spirituality pay little attention to a subtle but important confusion in their narratives: they fail to distinguish between the ego and the individual. At a time when spirituality...